excite .calm.think

Architecture is not only about shelter, nor a simple enclosure. It has to excite one,calm one, and make one think.

ADL (Architecture Design Laboratory) was founded in Singapore in 2015 by a group of architects, who are passionate about architecture and urban planning to form a unique design firm. The firm brings in collective international and local experience of the global-local team with strong design research culture to deliver quality design solution.

Based in Singapore, Jakarta and Surabaya – Indonesia, ADL comprises of architectural design and planning professionals who have worked in renowned international design firms with experience across regions, bringing a unique blend of global exposure yet fully attuned to the local culture.

The partners believe that good design should be simple, easy to comprehend. It should create spaces that are comfortable, practical yet leaving deep impressions for the users by balancing functional requirements with design creativity. The design process should be the collaboration among all stakeholders to accommodate different needs.