Knowledge Sharing in IAI Bekasi TOD Talks

ADL’s Director, Lukito, shared TOD projects experience in IAI Bekasi TOD Talkshow on 9th Nov 2019. Held at Hotel Amaroosa Bekasi, he shared Bekasi TOD Master Plan and Tanjung Barat Station TOD projects to IAI Bekasi members. TOD development has been growing aligning with the transportation infrastructure’s accelerating developments in Indonesia. With Bekasi’s position as the satellite city of Jakarta, the event hopes to give ideas of how TOD concept could contribute to a better city development in Bekasi.

Bekasi TOD master plan was commissioned by Wika Gedung as the continuation from the Tamansari Urbano Apartment development. The master plan envisioned the integration among commuter rail, bus interchange and future monorail station that provides seamless connectivity to the commuters.

Tanjung Barat Station TOD is part of Apartment Tanjung Barat development by Perum Perumnas. The development is envisioned to provide mid and low-income housing around Tanjung Barat area that is closely linked to the commuter rail station. The apartment will also be complemented with small retail podium to leverage on the commuters traffic. The circulation is designed to allow seamless connectivity from the ground level, angkot/bus stop and taxi stand to L2 station concourse level and down to the station’s platform.