Apartment at Tanjung Barat Station

Residential, Transit Oriented Development

The Tanjung Barat Apartment project is a joint development between Perumnas and KAI to develop a mixed-use development linked to the existing Tanjung Barat commuter rail station. The proposed project sited on a 1.5ha site with plot ratio 3.5, that potentially generates approx. 60,000m2 GFA. The development consists of 3-block affordable housing (rusun umum) and supporting retail that also serves as the main entrance into the station from Jln Lenteng Agung.

The development proposed new elevated station that connects to the level 2 of the retail podium and seamlessly moves the pedestrian traffic to the public transportation stops to the south and South Gate development to the east.

Client: Perum Perumnas
Site area:  approx. 15ha
GFA: -
Scope of Services: Design Architect
Current Status: Under Construction
Completion date: Est. 2021