Tanjung Lesung Master Plan, Banten

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Located approximately 4-5 hours drive from Jakarta thru the Jakarta-Merak toll road and Pandeglang city, Tanjung Lesung is a 1,500ha tourism development in West Banten. It is currently one of few weekend getaway destinations for Jakarta’s holidaymakers and corporate retreats.

The new Tanjung Lesung concept master plan is prepared as a revision to the previous master plan designed by Klages Carter Veil & Partners in the early 1990s. With the recent government’s official appointment as a Special Economic Zone (Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus), the new vision for Tanjung Lesung is to create a Seaside Town, a maritime sanctuary within an integrated coastal resort community. Town, and hence community creation is one of the key concepts embedded in the design considering the development scale that requires critical mass to sustain it economically. Its current positioning as a weekend getaway destination in West Banten could not create sufficient critical mass critically needed by the development to take off.

The land use strategy is the clear translation of the master plan’s visions. It allocates zones for designing better tourism attractions variety e.g. zones for the theme park, sea world and cultural centre. In creating the seaside town, land use for hospitality educational institutions and maritime R&D centre are assigned in addition to the marina. The strategy also improves the land use allocation for the commercial, residential, hotels/resorts and the golf course.

The new design assigns the site into six main districts leveraging on their individual unique site characters. One of them is the Tanjung Lesung Heart which would be the town centre and would have higher building density and height limit.

The new masterplan puts into consideration the environmental sustainability, cultural and community developments by maintaining the natural characters, open space networks, water sensitive urban design, private car pooling and encouraging public transportation as well as designing walkable neighborhood.

Client: PT Banten West Java (subsidiary of Jababeka Group)
Site area: approx. 1,500 ha
Scope of Services: Concept Master Plan
Current Status: Completed

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