The East Gate Mixed-Use Development, Surabaya

Architecture, Master Plan, Mixed-Use, Residential

East Gate is a new flagship development located in the southeast of Surabaya in Gunung Anyar District. It is strategically located in the proximity to the airport toll road and Juanda International Airport, providing convenient access to various key areas in Surabaya city and its surrounding.

The development is envisaged to comprise mainly mid-rise residential, commercial office, retail strip, hotel and convention center and largest private hospital in east Surabaya operated by Mayapada Hospital. Due to the height restriction from the airport, all buildings will be dominated by mid-rise building up to 15 storeys.

The development shall connect to the existing roads to its north and south direction, providing easy access to Surabaya’s future ring roads.

Phase 1 of the development shall be within 1.4ha parcel and would have mixed-use development that consists of residential, shophouse and 3-star hotel. The residential would consist of studio, 1-BR and 2-BR units as well as 1 level residential above the shophouse, providing variation of products to target different market segment. The shophouse would be part of the commercial strip designed along the main boulevard.

Client: PT Intiland Graha, Surabaya
Site area:  approx. 23ha
GFA: -
Scope of Services: Concept Master Plan, Architecture Design for Phase 1
Current Status: Under Construction
Completion date: -